How I Got My Adsense Account Approved in Just A Day

How I got my AdSense Account Approved Within 5 minute.
Many bloggers have been applying for adsense, but never got their account approved. I have also received couple of messages asking me how I got my account approved within 24 hours, so in this post, I’ll be explaining how I got my adsense account approved in just 5min. Well I was approved within 5min and later got my account disabled due to billing information. I later corrected that and got my account approved again with 24 hours.
I will be explaining exactly how I got my account approved, so you too can do the same and am sure if you follow my step, you will get your account approved in no time.

1. Domain – My blog was hosted on blogspot, but I didn’t use that to apply for adsense. I bought a custom domain; and used it to apply for adsense. Getting a custom domain shows how serious you are as a blogger.

2. Blog Design – If you take a good look at my blog, you will see that the design is unique and customized. I used this cool design to apply for adsense and got my account fully approved. Having

3. Unique Content: I wrote all blog post myself. I always used relevant images where necessary. I also wrote sufficient content for my blog and made sure I updated all my pages. Well with just 15 – 20 post, I got my adsense account fully approved.

4. Google Webmaster Tool – I submitted my blog article to google webmaster and made sure it was indexed before I applied for adsense. This is one of the ways I got my account approved.

5. Traffic – Though my traffic is not much, but I try to make sure my daily page view I okay. Doing so, I got my account fully approved in just a day.

This article was not copied, this is exactly what I did and I got my account approved, so if you follow this steps, am sure you will get yours approved.
Do you have any other way, please drop it using the comment box. Thanks

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