Lenovo K4 To be Launch on 5th January 2016 with 3GB RAM

It would be an understatement to say that Lenovo has made its mark in the Indian mobile industry. The launch of smart phones with great features in the mid-price range, one after another, Lenovo has gone on to become a favorite among the people here. The leading technology brand has gained many followers and along with that, a respected place in India. One can shop from different series in the mark, as vibe series, a series, K-series, S-series and P-series. Do not forget to buy using Amazon promotional codes for best smartphones at the best price.

The K4 Note now has Fingerprint Security As a bonus, and an NFC chip as well.
After successful stints with K3 Note, Lenovo is now all set to launch K4 note in January. The town is already buzzing and many people can not wait to lay their hands on the new gadget. Judging by the teaser released by the company, K4 note seems to features that let everyone stunning.

Here’s what you can expect from this:

RAM (Random Access Memory) stores data to give in to the operating sample of the workspace. Higher RAM means more speed and less freezing problems. In this fast paced world, multitasking is what people swear by to do their jobs quickly and simultaneously. They do not like being kept waiting. Same is the case with smartphones. Experience hanging problems and low speed while switching on and off between apps are some of the biggest turn-offs for them. With this aspect in mind, Lenovo is offering a whopping 3B RAM in its 4K Caution! Say hello to a buttery smooth experience.

NFC sensor

Sensor NFC (Near Field Communication) will amp the security level of your smartphone. Allowing data transfer and payments by phone has always been a sensitive issue. Now thanks to this wonderful property that will be provided in the K4 note, you will be able to make secure data transfer and payments. In contrast to Bluetooth, there is no pairing code is required when. Also, because it uses a low power, you will no battery drainage problems experienced. It also serves as a smart card, so you can make transactions over the phone in a highly secure manner. This is certainly an enticing feature that you should not miss.


This feature will literally be a boon for those who are fed up of people breaking into their phones and scan them after easily guess passwords and patterns. On a more serious note, this function will be admired by many people who shop via their smartphones and storing sensitive information. If you’re impressed with this phone and want to make it yours at the launch, do not miss the use of Flipkart deals available on CashKaro score the best deals on. This phone is powered by killer killer security, making it hard to miss!

Metal housing

While his predecessor wore a plastic body, K4 note will provide a full metal casing. It seems that Lenovo finally answered the prayers of its customers who wished to own a Lenovo phone with metallic appearance. A combination of luxurious appearance and luxury features will this smartphone make an irresistible gadget for many. K3 note had a plastic body and the absence of fingerprint sensor as well as low GB RAM.

Lenovo has two teasers of the upcoming best smartphone released. It seems like the brand will leave no stone unturned to promote the latest offering big time leave. The phone is all set to release on January 5, 2016! The phone will certainly be a bigger blockbuster than its predecessor, namely K3 note.

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