MTN BBLITE Still Working With Simple Server and Psiphon – See The New Settings

This is to let the whole fans know that Bblite is still blazing very well on both PC and Android device. It’s just that there is a new update on Simple Android Server, the developer of SAS has upgraded it to the premium version. The New version have 2 in 1 methods of connecting, both Local server and VPN services. The SAS premium version goes around N356.49 per week and N700.00 per month, but you can still use, the local server, which we have been using all the while and is FREE, but not response as before, due to fact that the owner of SAS wants all users to go for premium.

Will you upgrade your Simple Android Server to premium when you still have alternative VPN’s? This is not to discourage you for using SAS premium version, but we are here to give you various nice options. For PC users, nothing like SimpleServer Premium for now, the old SimpleServer.exe with the support of SimpleServer.ini still blazing very well on PC via Bblite and Psiphon Handler is working flawlessly with Bblite on Android device, which you can use as an alternative to SAS. Below is how you can get it rolling.

Codes to Subscribe for MTN BB10 Lite Plan.

For Daily plan, dial *216*3*1# Cost N70 (BBLITED)
For Weekly plan, dial *216*3*2# Cost N350 (BBLITEW)
For Monthly plan, dial *216*3*3# Cost N1000 (BBLITEM)

For Android User to Use Bblite Via Psiphon
Download Psiphon Handler apk version from here.
Install it on your Android Device

Create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows:
Open your phone settings > Go to more > Go to mobile network > Go to access point names > Select Mtn, Then create new APN and configure as shown below:
APN Type: default
Port: 8080
Save And Activate it as your default settings

Then Launch Psiphon Handler, in the handler menu:
Proxy type: Real Host
Custom Header:
Proxy server:
Real Proxy Type: Inject
Real Proxy server:

Select save and click on “tunnel whole device”.
Click on the option tab » Region: All servers are working with it, but I preferred, United States Server to avoid unfamiliar language when browsing.

Select more option, And check “Connect through an HTTP” then select “Use the following settings:” then configure as.
Host address:
Port: 8080

Save and Connect.

For PC Users To Use Mtn Bblite Via Old SimpleServer

Download and extract SS-for-Mtn-Bis to a new folder on your desktop background.

Connect Your Modem With:
Proxy: leave it empty
Port: leave it empty

Open the file you extracted, double-click “SimpleServer.exe” and make sure is always on open.
Configure your Browsers and IDM to Port 8080
Remember to tick: “Use this proxy server for all protocols” if you want it to open all secured sites.

Keep flexing with MTN BB10 LITE Plan on your PC and Android device.

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