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ISIS plans to hack google

Permit me to ask this question. Can google be hacked? Do you want to know why I asked this question, then keep reading.

According to International terrorism watchdog group “Terror Monitor”, the ISIS “cyber army” has announced it’s plans to hack Google. Below is the tweet / picture released ostensibly to announce the plan.

#PROPAGANDA: #ISIS/#IslamicState's So-Called Islamic Cyber Army/#CyberCaliphate Announced @google Hacking Team. pic.twitter.com/ONEiTs33zO

— Terrormonitor.org (@Terror_Monitor) January 26, 2016

Terror Monitor says Cyber caliphate is planning a whole new hacking team dedicating to hacking Google called Google Hacking Team (They should have consulted Google before they pinned their Islamic, though). Based on unsuccessful hacking threats, this should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt.
Now that ISIS Affiliate Cyber caliphate has gained media attention, can they move on to another thing?

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