HTC is working on Windows 10 Mobile phone and Plans to launch its SmartWatch

HTC is one of the most popular phone makers; the company has built some really good smartphones from each category. The company had launched back HTC One M8 Windows Phone in 2014, but it seems that they are planing for yet another Windows phone. A job posting on the Microsoft Website, it seems that HTC is planning to work on a Windows 10 smartphone. It seems finally also that HTC will launch its SmartWatch.

Windows 10 Mobile is the latest operating system from Microsoft for mobile phones. As of now the company has this operating system available for only a handful of devices like the Lumia 650 and Lumia 950, made along with a few other Lumia smartphones. The company is also looking to offer 10 Windows Mobile update the Lumia 520 in the coming weeks. According to Microsoft, the HTC is one of the company’s top third party makers.

In other news, HTC is also looking to launch its ever first SmartWatch in the market. According to the leakers, Evan Blass, the Taiwanese company is looking to launch its SmartWatch very soon. He says that one of the most anticipated smartwatches from HTC will go on sale by April this year. So far, many rumors have surfaced about this SmartWatch for a very long time.

This SmartWatch was spotted on a video from a company last year, but so far HTC has revealed no details about the watch. Peter Chou, CEO of HTC said on the wearable device, “We try to be very careful instead of just putting out anything, so we continue to work on it.”

Some rumors have claimed that the smart portable device from HTC will be named as the HTC One SmartWatch and will be launched in February 2016. The mobile company is expected to launch the HTC One M10 in the MWC 2016, which is expected to start next week . The company may launch its first SmartWatch at the same event, but nothing is certain at this time.

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