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NewsPay Registration Guide: How to Register Newspay Income Program

NewsPay Registration And Login: Steps to register Newspay income program account

Having talked about NewsPay Income Review, let’s discuss NewsPay registration and Login perhaps to show you steps on how to register and Join Newspay income program to start making money online with ease.
If you have just stumbled on this page without knowing what “Newspay income program” is you can read my complete Newspay review here before you continue with Newspay Registration and Login so you won’t get confused.

NewsPay Registration steps with screenshot

Before I continue, let me sound this notice to you: As at the time of writing this post, with Newspay, tt’s not compulsory you refer before you withdraw you earning but referral program is meant to boost your earning on Newspay.,
Below is the complete guide on how to register and join Newspay income program and Get Newspay earning bundle activated.

How to Join Newspay

Click this image that says “Join NewsPay Earning Bundle Income” to go to the registration page.

Once you click the image, it will take you to the registration page and here’s what you will see.
Now click on the Register Button and the main Newspay sign up page will show up.


You might see a space with title Affiliate ID Just write Emmanuel Nzube on the space and continue with your registration.
Having Filled in your Newspay Registration form accordingly, Simple click on Place Order button to continue to the final checkout page.
Having Clicked on the place Order button, the next page will show up prompting you to make payment in order to complete your Newspay Registration.
Click on Pay Now and select any payment method of your choice.
Select any of the payment methods suitable for you. Make your payment and get your payment activated automatically. I recommend using PayStack as your payment method because using that will get your account approved automatically.

NewsPay Login (Login Your Newspay Income Account)

After Newspay Registration and having activated your Newspay income program, you can now login your account to start making money immediately.
To login your Newspay Income program account, Click on the Login Link and you will see the login form as below

Type in your User name and Password (the one you used during Newspay Registration) after that can now login to your Newspay dashboard.

Wrapping Up:Newspay Registration and Login

In case You’re facing any issue during the Newspay registration or Login , you can contact me for help.

With all of the above steps, am sure you have learnt tutorial on how to register and join Newspay income program with ease.

Note: You cannot register and join Newspay to start making money online for free without paying the Registration fee of ₦1600.

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If you have any question on want me to help you in registering your account, CONTACT ME ON WHATSAPP HERE.

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